How it works

TECHAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Pros realize the importance of Website in your business; and thats the reason we never compromise on quality. We deliver you top quality design service, real fast! We guarantee that our work will make your company stand out from the rest of the crowd and make a long lasting impression on your clients. We offer packages for all types of businesses. Our Pricing begins with Start up Package for small business and ends with Ultimate Package for businesses in need of ultimate branding. Whatever your choice is, we assure that you will be amazed by our creativity.




First impressions can make a lasting impact. That is why with TECHAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, layouts are eye-catching, magnetic, and engage visitors with the aim to increase profitability and retain potentially new consumers.
The simple refurbishing of a website without the proper study and strategy could leave your website victim to outdated content and create an inconvenient user experience. TECHAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY aims to enhance the image of the website, increase effectiveness, and rejuvenate the experience with proper design; managing updated content and enhancing navigation.


Does the concept of an overly interactive website overwhelm you? TECHAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY offers clients looking for simple, to-the-point solutions static websites, which enable the efficient promotion of the client’s philosophy, products and services manner. This is not only a way in which your customers can stay up to date with information, and maintain an online connection, but it is also cost effective and simple.


For clients with a need to continuously update information online, be it content, images, video, or more, TECHAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY offers a Content Management System (CMS) for your website. Giving users control over their data published, TECHAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY utilizes Drupal to provide essential features that enable users to easily manage and maintain information and data shown on websites, including editing and sharing content, creating links easily, and previewing your site before publishing online.


Flash websites offer you the option of having layouts that are both user friendly, spectacular in performance and visibility, and very interactive. Utilizing Adobe Flash is an interactive and rich experience for web browsing users, and can be used to develop further applications for the enhancement of the business image such as digital business cards, outstanding presentations, digital signs and displays.


With the increased usage of smartphones for web, it is essential to have the option of catering to your clients with mobile versions of your website accessible to them. TECHAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY gives you the option of customizing your website’s current interface to ensure compatible user-friendly mobile versions, which in turn provides a continuous connection between you and your user, anywhere, anytime.